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All sponsors benefit from the power of a sports and entertainment platform that connects customers and consumers on a global scale and over a prolonged activation period.

  • In the uncluttered environment of the race, sponsors and brands are able to command attention to create impact and build powerful and memorable campaigns with our audience. 
  • Sponsorship is far more than a simple badging or advertising exercise. Sponsors such as Blancpain, Roger Dubuis, Pirelli, Pertramina, OMP or X-BIONIC are integral to the delivery of the race and the way it is enjoyed on site, live on TV and in the news media.
  • The race is a proven b2b and b2c engagement platform generating results that achieve multiple campaign objectives. 
  • Team sponsors such as Sikura Life, Allgemeine Kreditanstalt oder A1 Life form a credible part of the storytelling of the race.


The Lamborghini Super Trofeo and the Blancpain GT Racing Series have a long tradition of working with commercial partners, many of whom have supported the series for over a decade and played vital roles in its growth.

The intangible benefits include category exclusivity, ability to activate and networking opportunities, are among the key drivers for team sponsors and global race partners.


To start with, being an X-ONE Racing Team Sponsor means to enter in a family and breath in an air that captures and submerses you in the excitement, fun and adrenaline that only a great race team of people can build and maintain.

You and your guests will be attended and guided throughout the weekend by skilled staff, bringing you physically and emotionally in the position to experience the same emotional intensity as our race drivers in the Lamborghini Huracán, assist from the box area to all the track sessions, attend the briefings and debriefings between racing drivers, engineers and mechanics, accompany us on the starting grid procedures and maybe at the podium ceremony at the end of the race!

Yes, your brand exposure, but with it also the emotions growing from races and races and victories and defeats because you are that important part of our racing.

Yes, your brand exposed in the most professional light, and emotions, but not only that. A qualified staff of professionals will promote your brand with a dedicated program on selected print and social media, best rated specialized magazines, TV, and through the most modern channels that benefit your image.

The exchange of values has to match it right, and that is the key to a professional, healthy and fun collaboration.

Sponsoring Proposal

Download Sponsoring Proposal 2018

Download Sponsoring Proposal 2018


For sponsoring partnership inquires please contact:

Domenico Schiattarella